"Make Beautiful Things!"


Design and create websites

With each passing day "IT technology" is becomeing widespread and indispensable in our daily lives. As such the technology for creating Web sites is becoming more and more important for businesses . Web Sites are important advertising tools on the internet because that anyone can easily use it regardless of location, time etc. Join us and become a "Web developer" by learning with Metro's Web Engineer course!



IP Exam Preparation
ITPEC 試験対策

ITPEC IT Passport (IP) is a qualification for professionals who work with PCs. In addition to file sizes and storage formats, we will also be learning about IT knowledge essential for designing, such as the Internet and information security through qualification examination measures.

The Technology of Design

Are you confused about learning Design and learning how to use design softwares? Do you think that design can not be learned, and only people having a "artist sense" can? Frankly that's a huge mistake. There are lots of "design theories" that can be learned such as selection of color, arrangement of letters, planning of space. In short, everything has a theory, and anyone can learn to and make a great design.

Programming with PHP
OJT / Project

"PHP" is a programming language that is often used to develop systems that run on "Webpages". Students will be learning PHP after understanding Java, so that php can be understood more easily.

Collaborations with MBC

"OJT Projects" produced by students in the second year will be sent to Japan and evaluated by MBC's "design department" teachers. It is an excellent opportunity to learn not only from the Myanmar domestic teachers but also from Japanese teachers. Let's aim to make "world-class" designs !