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Metro Computer Myanmar is a software company established by Metro Group in Myanmar

Metro Group is a business organization consisting of Metro Computer Service Co.,Ltd. which mainly deals with software development, Kawasaki Kousan Co. Ltd. (METRO bookstore), which deals with book sales and Metro Human Resources Center, which deals with temporary personnel business.

Now Metro IT & Japanese Language Centre is established by Metro Computer Myanmar Co.,Ltd. And so you can easily study IT technology such as System Creator, PC Design Creator, IT Office Management and Japanese Language with Japan's teaching method in Myanmar.

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  • Takashi Kawasaki
  • Representative of Metro Group
Business Goals

Due to Myanmar Engineer`s ability along with outstanding and talent,system development section in Myanmar passesses the highest techincal capability and thinking than others. We aim to do our business as a global business based on Myanmar to support Myanmar business development.

On the other hand, Myanmar young people, outstanding and talent, trained by Metro IT & Japanese Language Centre can expect for success in Myanmar,Japan and international world-wide business environment.

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  • Takiko Honda
  • Managing Director of Metro Computer Myanmar Co.,Ltd